The Digital Storytellers are slowly starting to look across and discover each others work. The Curbing Illicit Financial Flows Project and their coordinator Rahul Mehrotra wrote to us:

“Dear colleagues, A brief note to share an excellent video from a fellow R4D project, which can serve as inspiration for your Digital Storyteller project storyboard.”

We share this point of view and would like to make it available to all of you. Its co-creators from the Woody Weeds Project kindly offered to write a guest-blog. Enjoy!

Woody Weeds Project :Prosopis invasion in Tanzania – Inspiration for Brick 2

Directed by Dr. Charles Kilawe

Filmed and Produced by Gerald Lwomile

Commissioned by

In May, John Richard, Charles Kilawe and René Eschen of the Woody Weeds project ( interviewed people affected by the invasive tree Prosopis juliflorain the area south of Moshi town, Tanzania. Among other impacts, Prosopis severely reduces access to grazing land and the amount of available fodder and it increases the cost of farming. The species has started invading Tanzania relatively recently and various communities in the region are affected. The Woody Weeds project facilitates decision making by so-called Local Implementation Groups, consisting of diverse stakeholders, about management of Prosopis in their communities. The appropriate management options differ depending on the stage of the invasion. The interviewees spoke about the impact of the Prosopis invasion on their livelihoods and their involvement in the Local Implementation Groups. They also explained the management methods for prevention, early eradication and control of Prosopis that are being René Eschen

Credit: René Eschen

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