Aymara Llanta and Adriana Bessa from the “Towards Food Sustainability: Reshaping the Coexistence of Different Food Systems in South America and Africa (FoodSAF)” received the first video making kit to document their field work in Brasil. They are now part of the first editing batch. Results of these first experiences in digital storytelling have revealed the importance of planing ahead and always monitoring your sounds. However, we are exited about the achieved results and look forward to start publishing the videos by fall 2019.

O Sertão Forte – A Transformative Action for Food Sustainability

Digital Storytellers – Aymara Llanque, Adriana Bessa, Thiago da Rocha

Filmed and Produced in collaboration with the community of Case Nova (Bahia/Brasil), William Franca and Lidianne Fernandez Da Luz

Project Status: Editing

What will the story be about:

The backlands of Brazil offer tough conditions for farming. Water is scarce.However, Fundo do Pasto communities in their traditional way farm their land sustainably and preserve ecosystems.

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